Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting Back In Gear

Back In The Saddle Again

So, I got home and tried a bicycle ride. It went well, actually. I did about an hour and a half of bicycle path with no real pain. The knee felt weaker, but not bad. The next morning, Father's Day, was okay. A bit of stiffness, but still, nothing to fret over.

I even did an errand on the Xtracycle, but for the most part, I stuck close to home to spend time with my family, you know- Since I am a father and all. It made more sense to me to hang out with those that allow me to be a father, and love me for that, than to selfishly go out and do whatever I wanted on my own. I mean, that's what being single was for, no?
After we ate supper, I went on another "training" ride with my son. He's getting the hang of it all. He'd keep yelling at me, "Hey Daddy! Did you see me turn that corner? That was good, huh?" Yeah.....I was glad I told him I would ride with him today. A solo gravel adventure is good too, but not in the same way, ya know? 

I don't feel as though pretending to be single, and carefree is what celebrating Father's day is all about, but your mileage may vary.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I look forward to re-habbing the knee further and getting back to 100% again. 


galaxysearchlights said...

Showing or having insight; perceptive.
Used in a sentence:
"That was the most insightful blog post ever".
Wish i had said all that.
I got the same "mileage" riding with my kids this weekend.

Doug said...

Enjoy your offspring as much as possible while they still live with you..they grow up and move out in about ten milliseconds.