Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hot All Over

They still use 'em down here...
I am hearing it is pretty hot back home. Minneapolis at over a 100 degrees? Wow!

Well, it is really hot here as well, but the humidity is super, super low. It has rained once, (.05 of an inch), since February.

The heat doesn't feel near as bad here as it does back home, but it is no less dangerous. The lack of a sweaty body, damp clothes, and somewhat comfortable feeling heat misleads you into thinking it isn't so bad. Water management is really a big concern.

I have been pounding the water since I've been here, fortunately, so I have been staying on top of the situation.

In as far as cycling activities go, there hasn't been time yet, and a short trip to Sea World in San Antonio is on for the weekend. It may be till next week, when temps are forecast to dip down into the mid-90's here, that some riding will take place.

Ya'all stay cool now, and keep on ridin'!

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