Thursday, June 16, 2011

Turning Back Northward

Discovered some crash damage the other day.
The time has finally arrived to point the vehicle northward and head home. Today is going to be taken up by slightly over one half of the travel miles needed to get home. Tomorrow we'll finish it off and have the weekend to recover before the usual daily grind kicks back into gear for a while.

It's been good to have been removed from that "usual daily grind" for a bit too. I learned that I need to get outside to stay sane, (more of a reminder, really), and I learned that I really, really miss riding my bikes.

Speaking of which, I've been cleared by Mrs. Guitar Ted to go on a light, easy spin once we get back home. We've been keeping tabs on my progress. So far, so good. The wound is closed, and now will just require some time to fully heal. I suspect that it might take a couple more weeks at least for that to happen. It's what happened inside that may take longer.

Flowers in my Mother-In-Law's garden
Mrs. Guitar Ted says it is my ACL and it is inflamed. I say that I can't go without pain killers too long or it hurts really bad, and my knee is slightly swollen.

I do know it is re-gaining strength, bit by bit, and I have been walking more normally of late when I take my exercise here. Still, I've no idea what a bicycle ride might do yet. It'll be a cautious, easy first ride when I get the chance this coming Saturday.

It's always weird to leave here for me. We so seldom get to visit here, that the goodbyes are a little bit heavier than maybe they would be if we saw each other more often. That said, I am ready to get back home and leave this dry, dry, hot, unchanging, dry, hot, unforgiving weather behind. Did I mention that it is dry and hot?

The weather situation here is almost boring. I went to the window a couple mornings ago to check the sky, and my Father-In-Law says, "What'r you lookin' for?" I said I was just checking the sky to see what the weather was doing. He shook his head and said, "No need for that. It's the same every day here." There is something to be said for variety.

Speaking of variety: My Mother-In-Law is Korean, and she is an excellent cook. For our final evening meal here, she made us haemultang. It's a soup with all kinds of shellfish, crab, mussels, and what not in it with a spicy, hot broth. These ingredients are cooked all with the shells on, so it is kind of a noisy soup when you stir it, but it sure was good. My Mother-In-Law says it is a meal that "takes time to eat", and she is right. Good for meals where you want to do a lot of chatting. Oh yeah, and it's messy to eat! It's lots of fun for me to try these new things.

Well, anyway, that's the end of vacation here, and I'll be on the road for two days- today and tomorrow. Can't wait to get back home now......


blackmountaincycles said...

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Chad Q said...

Gotta love the homemade Korean food GT !! My mommy in law is also Korean and you can't beat the food !! Heal up man and get out on the bike again.