Monday, March 19, 2012

Blowin' On The Wind

Sweet Chevy!
It started in during my St. Paddy's Day ride, (see previous post), and it intensified during the afternoon. Sunday dawned and it got even worse.

The dust in the wind, that is. Winds were kicking up at about 40mph consistently with higher gusts, some reaching 60mph.

Yeah, that'll send the sand from Mexico straight to the New Mexican mountains in a hurry, but first, it has to go straight through El Paso.

I'd been down here once before coming in on the tail end of a dust storm, but this time I got to experience the whole enchilada. I'll say one thing, standing indoors looking out it appears all the world like a snow storm in a different color.

Outdoors is a different story. Of course, it is a lot warmer than a snow storm would be. 60's in fact, and it also is grittier. It gets into your lungs, and your mouth, and, well.......I'm sure you can imagine the rest. 

Wind, dust, destruction....
  The wind is set to die down somewhat today. That's good news, as we are bugging outta here. At least it is a tail wind.

The only worries are the mountain pass and the I-40 approach to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Both spots known for turbulent wind gusts that play havoc with vehicles. We'll be sure to be careful.

It'll be good to be headed back home, but I'll miss riding down here and my relatives, of course, until next time.

I just hope it isn't quite so dusty and windy when we are back again. But, I can not complain. One day of "bad" weather out of a week of what otherwise were picture perfect days is no big deal. Especially when we all got to do what we came here for with no hindrances.

More from the road back tomorrow.


Ben Welnak said...

crazy! wind gets crazy out here.

SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

Oh yeah,I remember driving an 18 through both Tucumcari and El Paso (different directions of course...northern route going out,southern coming back)...entertaining on the best days the wind decides to play,LOL!

Have a safe trip home,my friend.