Saturday, March 24, 2012


New Clement Rubber
I got a box yesterday, and I cracked it open to find, to my surprise, three sets of new Clement rubber.

Clement, a vintage name known best for the old tubular tires they made back in the day for high end racing, has been revived again and is setting out to become a force in not only road riding, but cyclo-cross, adventure riding, and yes, gravel grinder events. 

In fact, if what I overheard at Frostbike this past February is true, a couple of former Trans Iowa winners had a hand in developing one of the newest tread designs aimed at gravel grinders and adventure riding.

Clement has already made a splash in cyclo-cross circles with its "PDX" model. (Note: All Clement tire models carry airport call letters. "PDX" is the call letter designation for Portland, Oregon's airport.) The PDX is wildly popular in certain cyclo-cross areas. Now Clement is expanding its reach into road, adventure, and touring tires. The tires I have in the box  are the following:
  • The USH Adventure- A 700 x 35 mm file tread tire with a firm center ridge. Perfect for dirt roads, touring, and urban assault. Will fit on  your cyclocross bike, commuter, or touring rig.
  • Strada LLG Road- Supple 120 tpi casing for a road-hugging feel and less rider fatigue  Dual-rubber compound tread: 62a in center, 57a on sides
    Slightly textured center-tread with traditional Clement chevron side-tread pattern provides excellent grip in wet or dry.  Integrated puncture-protection belt underneath tread (I have the 28mm size)
  • The "X-Plor MSO" So new, it isn't even on Clement's site yet! This is the one rumored to have some gravel grinder's input, and I believe it does. It looks like no other tread pattern I've ever seen with tightly grouped, micro-block/knobs all over. The tire is listed as a 40mm wide tire.
I have already mounted and briefly ridden the X-Plor MSO, and the other two will see duty soon as well. Stay tuned for further updates here and on Gravel Grinder News, along with a special report on Twenty Nine Inches, (because, don't you know? Clement is doing a 29"er tire soon!)

Okay, I'm out doing cue sheet verification today. Stay tuned for a report soon.


SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

Cool digs,my friend!!! I can't wait to read your thoughts on these (especially the X-Plor's),I'll be looking ata new,second set of shoes for the Origin 8 CX frame when I single it out and build up a Cross Check later this year :D

MG said...

Man, I'd love to try a set of those X-Plor tires out... Those look perfect for a race like the Dirty Kanza 200 or the like.

Head Honcho said...

Can't wait to get my mits on those MSO's. They just look fantastic.