Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Notes From The Road: On The Way Home

Well, not much to say other than that this weather continues to amaze. It snowed in El Paso right after we left, and it was coldest down south. Mostly 30's down there, until we got to Kansas where it was 55 degrees.

Desert view
 Other than that it was a delightfully uneventful first day of travel. The winds I had feared were all at our back. The weather was calm otherwise. Couldn't have been much better for us so far.

Now I'll trade the earth tones, sparse vegetation, and rocks for canopied dirt trails, occasional mud, and bugs. It looks as though I may have to wait to actually ride since it rained back at home yesterday and maybe raining there today as well.

I am looking forward to getting back to normalcy. Not that vacations are a bad thing, mind you. I actually did do a pretty good job of disengaging from the usual while I was gone. Minimal Facebooking, (almost none), and no Twitter, with only my Twenty Nine Inches posting and this blog to keep me on the innerwebs for a week. I'd be doing the blog anyway, so no big deal there.

Now I'll have to see if I can still turn a wrench, or if they'll have me back. More when I get home.....

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