Saturday, March 10, 2012

Loading Up For The Trip

Dropper Post
As I posted yesterday, I am about to take off for my vacation. This bike here, the Titus Rockstar, will be the bike I try to redeem myself on after last year's debacle.

Last year, I had a major fail after only a few miles of Franklin Mountain  when I went OTB and split my left knee wide open on some rocks.

This year, I return with a dropper post again courtesy of Grannygear and Specialized, and I have elbow and knee pads too. I will have a ginormous Osprey hydration pack which should make sure I won't have any trouble having enough water, food, and gear to fix anything that may go upside down on me.

I'm hoping to get a couple of days in while we're there and a lot more miles than I got last time! This bike is much better suited to the task at hand too, what with the slacker geometry, great stand over clearance, and lighter weight than last year's rig. Look for something about my attempt while I'm down there this coming week.

And speaking of the blog here, posts might be a bit erratic until I get back. Stay tuned.....

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