Sunday, March 04, 2012


It's been a while now since Guitar Ted Laboratories has been operational. Years have gone by, and in all that time, I never had one of the essential items for an operational bike shop: the "beer fridge".

Stocked and Chilled!

Not that one has to have this, but it sure seems to go together with bicycle work in a recreational sort of way. Much akin to barbecuing, bicycle work is somewhat more enjoyable for me when I have a beer reward at the end.

Maybe that's just me though.

Anyway, I got some work done on a bicycle that will be making the almost annual trek down to Texas with me. I can only take two bikes, and I was going to take By-Tor down with something-something I can't mention yet, but that isn't going to happen in time. So, I went with a "Plan B" which should prove to be very good in a number of ways.

Candy Apple Red Goodness
The recently completed WTB Frequency/American Classic wheel set was going to need testing. I was wanting to pop these on the Titus, but that would take a 15QR axle kit that I don't have time to get now.

So, I remembered I have to finish up the review on Twenty Nine Inches for the Milwaukee Bicycle Company 29"er. I decided to put those new wheels on that rig, and take it down to Texas, but first, I had to modify the drive train.

Off came the 18T Surly cog and a 22T Surly cog went on in its place. Even with the amount of riding I have done this year already, (which is a ton more than I have this early since 2007), I still am going to end up walking some ups with that 22T on the machine. But at least I should be able to ride more than I would have anyway. I know the last single speed bike I took down there was a 32 X 18 and it was severely limited in what I could pull off with it in that rocky, tough terrain down there.

The Milwaukee also has a bit better "trail" set up to it. It is very maneuverable and has a bit taller bottom bracket for better clearances. Important to have this down there in the rocks!

The wheels here will be covered in the newest tires from WTB, the Bronson TCS models which have a grippy, aggressive tread design which appears to be much better suited to loose rocks than the Geax AKA's that were on it previously.

So, the Lab got upgraded and so did the Milwaukee 29"er. That and some tidying up around the house made for a successful day yesterday.


Vito said...

You just may be on to something here...Have cyclists who read your blog share pics of their "shop essential" beer fridges. It could be rather interesting.

Uncle Don said...

Your beer should be standing up rather than lying down. Seriously.