Sunday, June 01, 2014

Gettin' Used To The Heat

The calender may still say Spring, but it's Summer out here!
Saturday I only had a short window of opportunity to ride, so I didn't get a longer ride like I wanted to, but I did get to ride, so that was something, at least. I need to be getting used to the heat of the day since Odin's Revenge looms on the calendar and I've got a long ways to go to be ready for that one, I feel anyway.

I was sporting my German cycling cap given to me by Gerald.
At least the weather cooperated and it was not only in the 80's, but it was windy too. Coming out of the Southeast, and the majority of my ride was in a cross wind or head wind. Roads were variable, but things started out on gravel with a bang. New crushed rock all across the roadway for the first several miles of gravel I rode. Once I hit the Grundy County line, the roads were hard packed and much faster.

I had to string together bits of gravel interspersed with pavement due to my limited amount of ride time, but what gravel I did get in was fun. Once back into town I had to traverse the ever expanding sidewalk network of the University of Northern Iowa and then onward toward the bike paths.

The bike paths are very busy, as you might expect on such a sunny, warm day. The last few outings on the bike paths have reminded me why I avoid these paths in Summer. It is because these flattish paths with their super-smooth pavement and sheltered from the wind nature bring out the time trial and roadie wannabees in droves. These fellows, (mostly guys anyway), tend to blow by you as if they are late for work and almost never acknowledge a wave or greeting from me. Nice! I don't know, but to my mind, if you really want to be all aggro, go out and test yourselves on the open roads in the full brunt of the wind and elements. Let the recreationalists and children have the paths without fear of being scared or worse by your seemingly aloof, uncaring attitudes. At least I gave everybody I met a wide berth, a wave and a smile, and slowed down for children. Not that I'm a saint or anything, but it's what you should do, I think.

Well, the bike paths cut off a huge chink of distance back home for me from the West, but I believe I'll avoid those paths again for the Summer at least. Certainly on weekends. Not worth the aggravation and near misses. I have good, alternative routes that I can ride away from all of that. Still, the ride I did get in was good. I felt decent, and the heat was not debilitating. So far so good........


Jay said...

May Gerald's Cap let you cycle 24/7

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks Jay! :>)