Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday News And Views

The map of the Trans Iowa Masters Program route (Courtesy of Scott Sumpter/Bike Iowa)
Today at 6am CST two intrepid cyclists have taken on the Trans Iowa Masters Program route. The 377 mile route was designed to take in many parts of past Trans Iowa routes and to celebrate the across the state nature the event was founded upon. Riders can accept the challenge from now until August 31st when the challenge shall be withdrawn. More than just a ride, the TIMP is also a challenge to document the ride via imagery and to write a written report which will then be shared online. The route itself is a challenge, of course, but the entire TIMP idea is a way to share the challenge with other, like-minded individuals.

The TIMP is mostly gravel roads with some dirt roads and pavement sectors in and out of towns. It starts on the Big Sioux River just west of Hawarden and ends on the banks of the Mississippi River in Lansing Iowa. Our first two TIMP riders are Andy Ziener and Scott Sumpter. You can follow their progress via a SPOT Tracker device HERE.

Trading this for that.
Sticker Share: Recently I was asked if I had anymore of those Trans Iowa stickers that were printed up for T.I.V6 and handed out then and again this year for T.I.V10. I said that I had found a few left overs and asked to get a self-stamped, addressed envelope to send them out. Well, the mail came yesterday and......

I got some "sticker share". Cool! I don't know if I am right or wrong, but it would seem that cyclist are sticker hounds, no? I feel that many of us are. So, I figured I would share more than just a few T.I. stickers back. Today they go out to be shared by another cycling/sticker geek.

Maybe it would be a great idea to randomly select a friend and send them some cool stickers you've been hoarding in an envelope or box for years. I mean, what good are they doing in some unseen, dark place? Let them be free and share them with someone who will put them on their kid's tricycle, a tandem, or maybe their race bike. Start a "sticker bike", or like me, festoon yer bumper with 'em! I think it would be great and I plan on sending away an envelope or two more soon here.

Self portrait- Night Ride Rest Stop
Night Ride:

I finally got up the gumption to go do a short little night ride yesterday after thinking I should be doing that sort of thing for too long with too little action. Night rides are really a lot of fun, but I have a theory that night riding needs to be shared to really get the most out of it.

Unfortunately, with being a family man and with all my responsibilities to writing stuff, I cannot really plan on when a night ride will happen for myself. I either have a window of opportunity, or I don't. Even though I have been doing night rides most often by myself, and although I think these sorts of rides are more fulfilling when done with company, it doesn't mean that these rides aren't good for me.

I get a lot out of them both physically and mentally. The night time just seems really good for doing some on-the-bike thought since you can really only see the little globe of moving light and what it temporarily illumines as you silently glide along. Last night was a bit of a disappointment in that regard due to an Avid Elixir 9 brake that needs a bleed job. (Imagine that- an Avid brake that needs servicing? )

Okay, ya'all have a spectacular, safe, and fun weekend on bicycles. 

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