Thursday, March 02, 2017

Cleaning House

This outlandish load was extricated from the Lab and disposed of.
I spent a good chunk of my day off clearing out another corner of the Lab at Guitar Ted Productions headquarters yesterday. This was a big load of crusty, old, worn out tires, for the most part. During the process I learned several things.

The first is that it feels incredibly good, (for me anyway) to clean up and clear out stuff. There is some fancy word or this. Feng shui, or something. If you Google the term you find all sorts of nuttiness. I just mean it to say that I felt liberated by clearing out that old junk. Nuff said......

The next thing was that when you fold up old, dry rotted tires, they crack like bones. That's kind of creepy, but that felt good to do as well. Definitely nuff said there!

Then I really learned that the Big Dummy is so vastly superior to my old cargo rig that it was laughable. Old tires weigh a lot, in case you didn't know. Add in a few steel wheels and you get a potentially unruly load which could twist a typical Xtracycle rig into a wet noodle of death to ride. Not the Big Dummy! Stiff and secure to ride. Not a problem. Those brakes too..... Marvelous. I actually had fun riding it loaded down.

Finally, when you ride against a stiff, cold wind, loads that stick up in the air can be a bit unsettling. I should have tied those wheels down lower! But I got there 5 miles later to the place where I could dispose of this stuff. Then I felt like Superman when all the weight was off the bike and the wind was at my back, That was really fun.

More cleaning and arranging to come. I've made excellent progress so far, but I am only maybe half the way done.

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