Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday News And Views

Levers have arrived. Thanks Gevenalle!
Custom Project Update:

So, as many of you know I have been resurrecting this ten year old fillet brazed frame and fork I have here.  The conundrum was that I had to decide upon a drive train and I wanted it to be silver as much as possible. That was the plan ten years ago but I never executed it. This time I wanted to stick to my guns.

Well, with the funky silver ano Luxy Bars, I wasn't able to utilize some options, like bar end shifters, even though the Luxy would accept them. the odd ball angle of the extensions would make bar end shifters stick out at a goofy and exposed angle. STI shifters also would be weird. Doable, but strange. So, I kept coming back to Gevenalle shifter/brake levers. Once I decided on brake type, I got in contact with the Goats there and they suggested the "long pull" version of their Audax option. It came with silver blades and blank mounts for adding your own bar end style shifters. I happened to have a set of 9 speed Ultegra bar end shifters, so I decided this was the option I would go with.

Now that I have that hurdle jumped, and the levers are here, I can begin to draw this project to a temporary close. I say that because I still want to do something different with the wheels, but as my ideas are expensive, I am going to go with a set I have here. They are black, and I have WTB Nanos to go on there for the time being.

There has been a change in plans......
Renegade Riding......

Plans......bah! Why bother with 'em! Forget all about the posts about bike choice for the Renegade Gents Race from earlier in the week. There have been a few things that have happened since then that has changed my mind, or forced my hand. Yeah......forced my hand, that's more like it.

There will come a time when I can be more forthright about this, but let's just say that for now I have something on the Standard Rando I cannot talk about or show. The Raleigh has too skinny a tire on it for all the rain we've had. The Black Mountain Cycles rig has a big tire, fenders, (might be handy with all the wetness and a chance for showers Saturday), and something I just got in that I need to test ASAP.

So, there ya go. I am taking the bike I first used at the Gents Race and it should work just fine. Plus it has the front bag to stash extra clothing in which may need to be necessary considering the forecast. Cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. I may be needing to shed something along the way. Stay tuned for a ride report on Monday.

Okay, that's a short one. I will be out till Monday. Have a great weekend and ride those bicycles.


FarleyBob said...

Good luck in the Gents Race!

Derek said...

Good luck! I'm curious (in anticipation of Trans IA), when you refer to the tires on the Raleigh as too narrow for the recent went... what size & model were they? I can clearly see the 40c Terrene Elwood light. Thanks.

Guitar Ted said...

@Derek: The Terrene tires are really 43mm wide, and the tires on the Raleigh are 37mm.

Derek said...

Thanks! I've got Clement MSO 36mm on my Warbird right now, and I keep wondering if I'll want wider for Trans IA gravel.... I have Stans rims, so the WTB Nano isn't a good option unfortunately. The 43mm Terrene or similarly big GravelKing SK 40mm seem like they will be a squeeze w/little mud clearance. Been thinking about the Maxxis Rambler, a true 40mm, which may or may not mount well for me. Running "non-tubeless" tires as tubeless (such as the MSO 40) makes a little nervous on TI. Lots to think about on the long training rides left I guess.