Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Snow Home From Work

I decided to take advantage of the fresh snow dump, (which not many seem to have done, by the way), and I rode home from work the "long way". That means I didn't take any dirt trail, but I did take some not very often used paved trail back to Waterloo. I was able to grab a couple of cool images along the way.

Laying in the Snow-light
I rode underneath the Highway 218/27 bridge and looked down the bridge the long way. I have stopped and taken an image here before. The "typical" under the bridge shot where you line up your bike to get the arches of the supports to line up as if they are a cathedral ceiling. Then I turned and looked to my right at the embankment and saw a different view.

The snow had fallen through the small gap between the two sections of the four lane expressway. This snow landed in a way that made it look as if the snow was a shadow in reverse. Or was the snow representing where the Sun would shine down on the pavement below? Anyway, I haven't seen anyone post an image quite like it, and I've seen a zillion of the "other view".

A rare owl sighting
I was passing by the Sherwood Park sign not long after the bridge and I noted movement in the peripheral vision on my left side. I turned my head slightly to catch a large bird coming off the ground. By its shape I knew it had to be an owl.

Now owls are common here, but due to their nocturnal ways and their silent flight, they are not often seen, and hardly ever during the day. However; during Winter you can often hear them hooting during daylight hours, so you know they are out and about. Seeing one is rare though. I counted myself not only blessed to have seen this one, but doubly so that I was able to stop, fumble for my camera, set up the shot, and take not one, but two snaps, before the critter took flight again.

I'm pretty certain this was a Barred Owl, which are fairly common around Waterloo/Cedar Falls. I love these critters because they sound like they are saying, "Who-cooks-for-you?" when they hoot. But this owl wasn't the only wildlife I saw. Not more than a hundred yards later I saw about half a dozen white tailed deer as well.

That was a pretty good "Snow Home From Work" ride, if I do say so myself.


Steven Butcher said...

Cool photos; especially the bike laying in the light!

Ari said...

You are so lucky to have seen an owl. You know how the slender fungus loves nocturnal animals!