Monday, February 05, 2018

I Fixed It Again

I had a "super" walk with my daughter on Sunday
It had been quite awhile since I had regularly ridden a fixed gear bicycle. For many years there I rode one several times a week in nicer weather for short jaunts. Usually to go pick up my kids at the elementary school or sometimes to run errands downtown. That was generally done on my "rat rod" fixie Raleigh Grand Prix. A bike that was from the 70's which I had converted in the most inexpensive way possible into a fixed gear bike.

I also can switch to fixed gear on my Surly 1X1 simply by flipping the wheel around. I had run it fixed briefly after getting it set up in its current configuration, but I haven't run it fixed since. For some strange reason, it had been on my mind to switch it over to fixed again.

I rode it to work on Friday and unbeknownst to me it started to snow a bit before I left. Nothing big, just a skiff in the end, but perfect timing to switch it over to fixed gear. I expected that I would be extremely rusty at riding fixed gear. It probably didn't help that I had on my heavy Keen hikers and was going to be riding those crappy aluminum flats I have with no pins or real grip to them whatsoever. I guess it is considered bad form to ride fixed without straps, but......what do I know. I just ride.

Well, I must say, I actually surprised myself by only having one "hiccup" where I forgot momentarily and had a slight kickback. I actually cleaned all the curb hops well and the rest went just great. Timing curb hops? Not gonna happen when I ride! I just went with wherever I was in the pedal stroke, and that seemed to work, although it is a disjointed feeling when your jerk on the bars isn't timed with a push down with the right foot.

I got home and that was all that mattered in the end. I think I will leave it fixed for a while, at least. I may try to sit my Karate Monkey up fixed too so I can do some country riding that way. I think it will be a good diversion and help with the early season training.


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There is something pretty zen about riding single speeds, fixed or free hub. I'm currently lacking a single speed and I miss it.