Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Real Winter Returns

I decided to use the Blackborow DS since they predicted snow- good thing I did!
Over the weekend the word was coming down from those meteorological minded folks that we were going to see some white stuff hit the ground. So, I watched closely and when it looked like we were going to actually see some significant level of snow I went down and set up the Blackborow DS for the Monday commute to work.

We had seen a Saturday which left many icy patches here and there, but otherwise, it was much as it had been- cold and barren. I ran into a couple places where I felt the rear tire slip a bit, and it made me wonder, how would this be with a fresh dump of snow on top? Well, it didn't take long to find out.

By 10:00am it was snowing really steady and it was piling up. The snow slacked off in intensity for a while, but we probably got somewhere around 4" after it was all over. It was still snowing though when I left from work, so it wasn't as bad as it was later on.

Fortunately the snow had enough moisture in it that it stuck to the icy spots well and I had no issues with traction going back home. It was fun riding in fresh snow again. My Lou's were probably overkill, but the Blackborow DS needs to be ridden and this was the best reason I had to get it out in quite a while. Since the first of the year, as a matter of fact.

First tracks on the way home.
 While this isn't really enough to form much of a base, it looks as though we may get more by week's end, and then maybe we have another week to enjoy that before it looks like we are supposed to start trending up over freezing more. That's mid-February and yeah......you know we're almost ready to hit Spring-like weather soon, right? I know it seems weird right now, but it isn't far off.

Soon I'll be hitting up mushy gravel roads and plotting Trans Iowa stuff. The season is about to get kicked off here soon......

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