Monday, February 26, 2018


So this rig should be hitting the roads this week.
The weather is breaking for the better, at least for a few days. It looks more and more as if ice will become less a concern and gravel travel will be on the menu again. I've been busy getting some stuff together for this time to come. One of those things was revealed last week. Here is another thing- the latest from Cirrus Cycles, the Kinekt post.

Formerly known as the "Body Float" post, this is the latest incarnation of the design, which has been refined quite a bit from the version I have. The biggest thing is that they have reduced the set back a lot, which should make this post work better in terms of fit for a lot of people.

I think this version will end up being the preferred one for mee, but I'll reserve judgment on that for now. I also have the Terreno Dry tires from Vittoria on the "Orange Crush" which I need to conclude the review for. Then when I get that done I have to swap those tires out and get cracking on the waaaay overdue Kenda Flintridge Pro review. I'm sure a slew of other tires will be making cameo appearances on my bikes throughout the year as well. It will be interesting to see how gravel tires progress- or don't.

Then I have been checking over the bits and peices on the Raleigh and BMC to make sure I am good for some, what is sure to be, sloppy roads. I fitted fenders back on the Tamland, and I cleaned and relubed the chain on the ol' BMC. That bike is going to need a bottom bracket soon too, but I'm going to wait it out till better weather comes. I figure I may as well soak this old one in grit now and put the new one in when things clear up out there and the roads are dry again.

Of course, it's supposed to snow again Thursday. 



DT said...

GTed - do you know what the new 2.1 and 3.1 seatposts they reference are going to be? I am assuming 0 setback, but can't find confirmation of that anywhere. I would definitely be a customer if they could do a 0 (or close to 0) setback!

Guitar Ted said...

@DT- From Cirrus Cycles' site: "Kinekt Post is a 24-28mm setback, depending on tension setting. A ‘0’ and/or multiple setback options are in the works!!"

So, I take it from that, that there will be a 0* set back at some point.

Barturtle said...

According to one of their facebook posts 12mm for the new version...which may be close enough to work for me, but if there's a 0 coming, I'll wait...impatiently...😉