Sunday, August 11, 2019

Trans Iowa Stories: News On The Series

The logo developed by Jeff Kerkove for the event in 2004
The other day in my "Friday News And Views" post, I had a bit on Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Kutilek, USMC and it gave me a bit of an idea.

Now, I had said my stories would be more about people involved in Trans Iowa, but that thought was based upon my personal recollections, not so much from an interview, or video format of a rider, like the one from Friday. I thought that story was really compelling, and that led me to think about something.

My idea would maybe be a bit far ranging, maybe hard to pull off, but I have to try this. I just think it will add a lot to the tales of Trans Iowa. So, here's my thoughts: Why not send questionnaires, ask for interviews, do a podcast, and even maybe get a video, and post those occasionally where they make sense to. So, as an example, the story about Matthew Kutilek would make more sense while I was telling stories about v12, or v14, both of which he was involved in.

So, that's it, really, other than what I would call those, which would be "The Story Behind The Rider". These wouldn't be guaranteed on a regular basis, and it depends upon who wants to talk, and who doesn't want to. In the meantime, if this sounds like a great idea, sorta okay, or dumber than a box of rocks, let me know, please? And while you are at it, is there anyone you want to know more about?

Thanks for reading!


CrossTrail said...

Go. That's an idea with immediate interest that will grow like corn in July.

Rydn9ers said...

I like the idea, maybe instead of a book down the road it'll be a Netflix mini series. :)

S.Fuller said...

Lots of names have come and gone from TI over the years. It would be good to hear a little more about some of the riders as many times we heard their names called up at the start, heard that they finished, and then never heard from them again. John Gorilla is one that comes to mind as having disappeared from "the scene" as the kids say.