Friday, August 02, 2019

Friday News And Views

A Thank You:

Leading off today I wanted to say "Thank You" to all you readers for hanging in there with the GTDRI coverage. Now that the event is in the rear view mirror, I will be focusing on getting my back in shape for the Gravel Worlds event coming in a couple of weeks now.

The back- yeah.... It's coming along slowly. I can go okay from a daily living perspective and then the muscles get tired out and I'm done early for the day. No "pain", really, just fatigue and some mild dull pain in the muscles from time to time. I don't even get stiff, so it's kind of a weird deal.

Concerning the GTDRI- Actually, on Sunday when I got home I was ready to never do another one again. I was pretty discouraged by my situation. But that is passing, so.......stay tuned. My inclination now is to do the event at the same time and on the same course again as this past one, but I want to sit on it and see how I feel about things in a month or so. Time to let that GTDRI stuff go for a while. Although, I will try to straighten out the cues for anyone wanting to download the cues in the future.

Besides the recent events and Gravel Worlds, it is time to start thinking about the C.O.G. 100 again. An "official announcement" will be made by N.Y. Roll and myself yet this month concerning the event. So stay tuned for that coming soon.

Working on Wiring
The Wiring:

This week I dove into the wiring for the generator on the Ti Muk 2. I knew it was a "bird's nest" of a mess and it needed taking care of at some point. The rack I purchased and installed has the correct 50mm bolt spacing to affix a tail light powered by the generator hub, a SON 28. So, I have this seat stay mounted light and while I could move it to the rack, I think I am going to go for the new Schmidt rack mounted tail light that comes in a nice aluminum anodized case. It looks more robust than my current plastic cased light.

I also may go all in for coaxial cables, but we'll see. I think that would be an upgrade worth pursuing as it looks like a much more robust way to wire the lights and the connector is a much easier connector to unplug and plug back in again. Those fiddly spade connectors are so last century, and I cannot stand those things. That said, simple is easier to fix, and a plug end complicates things and is tougher to fix. Especially out in the middle of nowhere, so I get it, but I don't see myself having an issue that would stop me from riding.

The wiring I have is far too long, so at any rate, I will need spade connectors and careful measuring to make the wires the correct lengths. Then I plan on using some shrink tubing on connections and the wires will get tucked out of harm's way when I get everything working correctly. It'll take a bit to get everything lined up, but once this gets squared away, the Ti Muk 2 will be completely ready for action.

Rig Of Choice:

I mentioned Gravel Worlds a bit ago here. So, I am contemplating what bike to ride for this event the other day and I think I have come to a rather forgone conclusion. I need to get my Gen I Fargo up and running! That back injury and all has kind of forced me into this corner, and really, I think its best all around. 

This bike got me my only Gravel Worlds finish I've had in what? Seven tries? Six? Something like that. Anyway, it is the bike I feel is the best choice from all standpoints right now, and it won't take much to get it going either. It just needs tires and a good going over. Then it should be a no-brainer to ride it anywhere.

There may be a tiny bit of accessorizing, but beyond that, it will make my getting ready for Gravel Worlds that much easier. Easy is good. And I don't have to go back and forth about what bike to use now, which is nice. But.....I do need some new tires! Ha! Probably something in the 50mm range. I also probably have something that will work too. I just need to get around to getting around to it. Ya know? Ha!

Okay, that's all for now! Have a great weekend!


S Sprague said...

GT, no apologies for the GTDRI posts! I enjoy reading about your adventures. I can understand what you go through with physical ailments for an event. I used to race endurance events and now not so much. I do enjoy the gravel event rides now. Your tinkering with your bikes is one item I do like reading about. I like to read what others do with their rigs. So, please keep writing about your adventures whether you finish or not. It's like being on the ride! Hopefully you'll be 100% very soon. I wish you the best for Gravel Worlds!

Michael Lemberger said...

You might consider 2mm bullet connectors for your dynamo lighting—they solder nicely to the Schmidt spade connectors. Much easier to deal with, but be sure to use dielectric grease.

S.Fuller said...

Bullet connectors are nice. I've never had issues with the spade connectors once I open them up a bit with a screwdriver so they can be removed by hand a bit easier. Dielectric grease, as Michael mentioned, is your friend. See you in Lincoln. :)