Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Guitar Ted Lube Off: Update

Approximately 50 miles in on the T-9 Boeshield
Okay folks, I did mention in my Dirty Kanza 200 "Epilogue" post that I had awesome luck with the DuMonde Tech Original formula lube. I think there could not have been more extreme conditions to test a lube in, so once again, it shows that the past results I had were upheld in a brutal test again. This lube is the benchmark for the rest here in this test.

Right now I have the Boeshield T-9 in play on the Twin Six Standard Rando bike and I have Rock And Roll Gold lube on the black Mountain Bike "Orange Crush" rig. I'll have full reports on both of those coming up soon.

The final lube in this shootout is the ProLink chain lube by ProGold. I'll get that on some rig here as soon as possible. I meant to use that on the Vaya but due to parts cannibalization, I won't be riding that bike for a while! As a benchmark bike, to keep things fair, I will be running DuMonde Tech on our same gravel roads around here on the Tamland. So, the others will be compared on the same playing field, literally.

Okay, so here's the deal on the tests. All the lubes are being used according label instructions. All lubes are going to be run on local gravel road loops I have been doing for years around here and that feature a wide variety of surfaces from barely anything there for rock to completely strewn with chunky, fresh gravel. I'll try to get some wet rides in, but the vast majority will be dry, so mainly gravel dust and dirt will be the factors in play against each lube in this test.

Stay tuned.....

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SharkTooth said...

Ted! Be sure to try the Progold Xtreme lube if you haven't already. I like it much better than Prolink which I think works just like Boeshield but slightly messier. The Xtreme sheds grit and mud much better and unlike Dumonde Tech or other wet lubes if doesn't turn into a nasty mess if you ignore it after it's first applied.