Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Countdown To Odin's Revenge: Details

Other than fine details, this is ready to go again.
Well, the time is coming that I have to pack up for West-Central Nebraska. It looks to be another "gravel family reunion" out there, and in terms of people, it should be fun times. I'm looking forward to all of that. However; I have a few tweaks to make yet, and I am not 100% sure where I am staying yet. But that's probably going to be sorted out here soon, so no worries.

The rear hub overhaul went well. I tested it out on the commute to work yesterday and there are no worries there with how it will perform. I will say that it is so much quieter now it seems wrong. I mean, a Chris King hub should be fairly buzzy and loud, right? If I attend my ear to it, I can hear the familiar, but muffled, buzz just like before. I suppose as time wears on it will get louder, but it seems almost stealthy in comparison to how loud it was at the end of the DK200!

I will have to tweak on the front derailleur a hair. I noted that it wasn't going to work at the DK200, but then again, I didn't really need it there. There were maybe two times I had to hop off and crest some crazy 30 foot steep on a ranch road, but otherwise I middle ringed it most of that day. This deal at Odin's will require a granny ring, if my past experience tells me anything, and I want it to work there.

I also have to work on the rear brake. It slightly drags on the outside pad, and I think I'll have to take those nested washers out and swap them around to avoid having everything resetting back to where it was when I start adjusting on it. These are BB-7 brakes, by the way. Those washers have a tendency to "take a set", so I've dealt with this before. Once I've perfected the brake, I have two other small details to look after. 

One will be finding my headlight mount, which I laid aside when I was swapping out bars to the Cowchippers. Then I want to check my computer against a tenth mile post over by the expressway for accuracy on the computer. I think I may be off there.

Other than those few things, I just have to pack up the bags and get myself out there. More rebel B+ , Fat Fargo, gravel grinding action coming soon!

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