Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy 4th!

This whole deal with everyone having fireworks? Yeah....
Hey, it is that day again when we should be remembering those who fought and died for this country's freedom, so.....ya know, we can ride bicycles and stuff. 

Things we take for granted, like being able to go anywhere we want in this country, and having a vote, (which you should use), and more are what we should be thinking about today.

I've been kind of drawn in by this whole idea of everyone being able to shoot off fireworks in Iowa. I have given thought to what it means, to me at least. First off, I recall fireworks being "special". It was an occasion that was a once a year thing. We gathered together for a big picnic with family or friends, then we'd watch the fireworks together. It was what made "The 4th" a special thing when I was a kid.

But now, with this new law, any ol' yahoo with a buck and a lighter can start shooting off stuff any ol' where, (which is regulated by city ordinances, but c'mon! No one listens to that). Fireworks have been going off nightly here in my town for the past four days. Yeah.......big deal. Fireworks. Whatever! Now it is a nuisance and not at all something special. Thanks you dimwitted Iowa legislators!

Fireworks were first used in 1777 to celebrate the independence of this country. Then it was a celebration which was supposed to engender joy and solemn remembrances. Since that time fireworks on the 4th of July were to be a reminder of those who have suffered and died defending the freedom won by those earliest patriots. These are sad days when such things are trivialized.

Take some time to consider what those red stripes on our flag represent today, and have a meaningful, safe, and free 4th of July.

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Tim said...

Well said, Ted. My oldest brother served in Vietnam and endured many things. Some he shared and I'm certain many he didn't. He died in an accident in 1972. I often think about what we could be sharing together. I'm grateful for his service and that of countless others.