Saturday, April 01, 2023

A Gents Race Retrospective

Today I am riding in the Gents Race. It actually started out as "The Renegade Gents Race", but over the years the name changed to just "Gents Race". Of course, everyone is welcomed, it isn't just a "male" only event. We haven't let that name drag us down here.....yet. Anyway..... I suppose if someone gets bent about the name it could just morph into "The Human Race", which, actually that would be pretty cool. 

Anyway, that isn't the point here. What I wanted to do was give you all a look in images back on all of my Gents Race experiences. This is an event that has spanned the era of growth in gravel to now which is where we see corporate involvement and (gasp!) sanctioned events. So, it's an event that has survived and grown but has stayed completely true to its grassroots beginnings. Not many gravel events can say that.

Here's the deal. I chose one image from each of the years I've done the Gents Race. I have been "there" every year that you could be "there", in April, (there was one year it was run in June which I did not ride in) so this covers the entire Gents Race timeline. I'll start with last year's supposed "last Gents Race" event and work backward to the first one because the image I have for the first one rocks. See if you don't agree. 

And by the way, since I'm sorta busy today, I may not get to your comment to approve it in a timely manner. Oh well, you can pick up your subscription refund later. Ha! 

After two years we finally got the band back together again.


COVID pushed the '21 version to June and we did not field a team. The event did not happen in 2020.


GENTS 8.0: The year I went completely off the rails and nearly got busted for public intox. Yeah....

GENTS 7.0: The year D'Corn couldn't make it Capn' Steve's wife Kathy (R) filled in.

GENTS 6.0: The WIND year. We bailed at the checkpoint. At least we looked good!

GENTS 5.0: Probably my most ragin' beard ever.

GENTS 4.0: Unicorn Avenue stop. The course was different back then.

GENTS 3.0: Look at this! It was actually NICE or something outside.

GENTS 2.0: Back when we started at Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny.

GENTS 1.0: A VERY special year for me at this event. What do you think about this image?

So, there is a timeline of images for you concerning my team, the "Careless Whispers" at the Gents Race through the years. Hopefully we are doing well today, but you'll find out soon enough as I have a report planned for Monday.

Until then.....


S.Fuller said...

Thanks for posting these Mark. Good memories from all of those years. :)

Guitar Ted said...

@S. Fuller - Yes, and you are welcome. I owe it all to your invitation back then. So, THANK YOU!