Thursday, July 13, 2023

Does The Color Of Your Shoes Matter?

The Udogg Distanza in Ash Grey
 I've been meaning to write about this for over a month now, (and maybe I have but I've forgotten), but here you go. Thoughts on color for footwear. 

See, when I was riding with Jeff Kerkove at the beginning of June, I was making fun of him for wearing white shoes for a gravel race. "White shoes?!, I said with a wry grin, "That's not going to look very good after a muddy race!"

Jeff replied that he'd rather have ugly looking shoes than wear black that typically causes his feet to get hot in Summer-time humidity and Sun. 

"Oh!....... I see...."

I was being a smarty-pants and well, Jeff was just being smart

Typical. Anyway, this got me to thinking, was I wearing the wrong color shoes? And so I started looking around at gravel shoes and well, most of them are black. Yeah.....There are some other colors here and there, but for the most part, black is the shoe color for gravel. I have two pair of shoes that are not black and they are both Shimano special edition colors. I have one pair of MTB shoes that are not black, they are actually a bright blue, but they are heavier than I'd like. So, I don't have anything that is light colored or white. Would that actually make any difference? 

I may not ever know because I don't do road shoes for gravel and well, white gravel shoes are weird. maybe "rare" is a better word choice. Either way, white gravel shoes, while they might make a difference, is something I probably will not get a chance to discover the truth about. 

Maybe what I need is "gravel colored" gravel shoes. Ha!


Daniel said...

I avoid white cycling shoes because they look so much like golf shoes.

Guitar Ted said...

@Daniel - Ha ha! That's fair, I guess. Actually, I have no idea what golf shoes look like these days as I don't play the game or even pay any attention to it.