Sunday, July 16, 2023

GTDRI Stories: The 10th One - Part 2

I discovered something rather alarming at the Wadena stop.
  "The GTDRI Stories" is a series telling the history, untold tales, and showing the sights from the run of Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitationals. This series will run on Sundays. Thanks for reading!

The Riddle Of GT's Lost Stash
The use of on-the-bike bags and myself have a difficult relationship. This was perhaps best exemplified when the group reached the first major stoppage of the day in Wadena, Iowa, a small town I used first during Trans Iowa v4 as a checkpoint town. 

Everything was going great until we reached that village. We were making great time. The group was fun. I was making new acquaintances, and we were nearly 40 miles into the loop. However; when I went to look for my money? It was no where to be found. 

Now, typically, I would have my money on my person somewhere. I really do not hardly ever put my money in a bag, or anywhere else, for the matter. It's either "on me" or I likely left it somewhere. In this case, I was convinced that this "somewhere" was back at the start. I vaguely recalled that I had sat my money on the bumper of my truck as I was getting ready to go, but what I did not remember was that I had actually stuck the money in a feedbag on the bike and then stuffed something on top of that, so that my money was buried in the bottom of this bag. 

I never put my money in a bag like that. Never. Well, except for this one exception. So, I was convinced that I had lost my license, my credit cards......everything. 

There aren't many images between Wadena and up to past Elgin because, well, I wasn't into it.

Jeremy Fry provides some comic relief as Joe fixes a flat tire in the background.
I actually called my wife to tell her to cancel the credit cards and that I was going to have to panhandle off the other riders as we were to stop in Elkader for lunch. There was a nice moment or three as different folks on the ride tried to lift my spirits. Martin called the ranger at Backbone and asked him to investigate the area around our parked cars. Others tried to lift my spirits with conversation and laughter. I really owe it to the crew on this ride. They showed that they cared and did what they could to help me out.

As we left Elkader we ended up passing through a parade!

Once we reached the rest stop/lunch town of Elkader, Iowa, we set out to find something to eat. Lance Andre offered to purchase my lunch for me at an Irish themed bar/restaurant in town which was very gracious of him. I was also thankful that this got me out of the hot Sun for a bit. 

Others ate at Two Mitt, as some had the year before. Once lunch was over it was time to get things readied for the final push. Check the water, look for those hydration tablets, and lube the chain, if necessary. Well, while looking for something else entirely, I found my money and cards. Yep! I felt a fool, but a relieved fool at that.

Well, that was a rough patch, but now the riddle had been solved and I could concentrate fully on the rough patch of this route. The really big hills and the hottest weather of the day was about to be served up.

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