Thursday, August 24, 2023


Tuesday's delivery ride.
Yeah, you know it's been hot in a lot of places this Summer. I don't need to tell you about that. This has been a record-breaking week here as it got to 104° F here yesterday. I don't think it has been over 100° F for several years and this hot spell ranks right up there with the 1988 Summer heatwave. 

But that doesn't mean that there has not been any cycling. I've gotten in some urban rides this week, most notably a test of the Big Dummy's new kickstand on Tuesday. 

I got out early while it was still only in the upper 80's and rode over to the UPS Store to pick up two heavy boxes full of components for the shop. So, how did the kickstand do?

Yeah....pretty much as predicted, this kickstand made all the difference in the world. I was able to easily load up the bike and figure out a strapping system with my various lengths of bungee cords without worrying about the bike tipping over or having to steady the bike at all. 

If you have a Big Dummy and do not have this kickstand you need to get one. This will transform your Big Dummy into a very useful bicycle. I wish I had one of these kickstands long ago, but I have it now and I am very happy with how it is working out. 

So, Wednesday I opted for a two mile brisk walk and I will tell you that it was simply awful outdoors. It wasn't 100 yet, but I felt like I was walking in a universe fueled by the air from a hair dryer. It was windy, not real humid, and the Sun had full rein of the sky. Yikes! Today isn't supposed to be much better. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and is well. This is crazy weather to be outdoors in right now in the Mid-West. Friday we'll get some relief and Saturday it will be 20 degrees cooler than it was Wednesday and it will still be above 80 degrees! That is insane.


Nooge said...

We’ve had the opposite weather in Detroit. Very few days above 90 this summer. And the whole month of August it’s been thunderstorm after thunderstorm. I would gladly send them your way if I could.

Guitar Ted said...

@Nooge - We just had a big complex of thunderstorms roll through this morning. Cooler temperatures on the way. This after three days of high humidity and 100+ degree temps. We'll take it!