Friday, October 27, 2023

Friday News And Views

Podcasts For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure:

If you happen to have some down time, are travelling, or just want to escape reality for about an hour or so, I've got two suggestions for podcasts this week that I am on. 

You can hear my sultry voice on "The Shiftless Podcast" Episode #32 "Expert Edition With the One & Only Guitar Ted" by clicking HERE

In that chat you can hear about the origins of "Guitar Ted", what I think of some facets of the bicycle industry, and my take on the current gravel scene. All that and more there with Kevin and Brad, the two hosts of the show. 

Then, as if that isn't enough of me, I interviewed Jason Strobehn and Matt Gersib of the Gravel Worlds team for the "Guitar Ted Podcast". That show can be heard by clicking HERE

That was a tougher show to get out, not due to the guests or N.Y. Roll, but because of my lack of technical skills. I had a learning curve for getting this one up and out there, that's for sure!

I'm calling this episode the "Frankenstein Episode" because I had to "stitch" it together from six different parts and try to make it all sound somewhat cohesive. doesn't, but I am learning how to make it all work, like I said. 

Because this took a week longer to get out than I had anticipated, there will end up being another episode coming out on this one's heels. We try to do three episodes a month, minimum, and the days are running short! 

We will have about four new episodes coming out in the next four weeks or so and then we are taking a month off starting around Thanksgiving time until the new year kicks down the door like a shiny super-hero. 

If you are a listener to the podcast, I truly appreciate you, and I know I speak for N.Y. Roll when I say that we are floored by the response we've gotten. The "Guitar Ted Podcast" went live coming in on the coattails of the old "Riding Gravel Radio Ranch" about a year ago now, and the growth has been steady and upwards. So, "Thank you"! 

Image courtesy of Salsa Cycles
Salsa Cycles Announces v2 Cowchipper Carbon & Cowbell Carbon Handlebars:

You might remember that the original carbon flared drop bars from Salsa Cycles were recalled early in the year. Well, now they have a new version of the bars out which have addressed the previous bars' shortcomings and is said to be stronger. These are also compatible with Salsa Cycles' EXP Series Anything Cradle

The new carbon bars are $230.00 USD for either model and are available now through Salsa Dealers. There were no design changes made, so these have the same shape, flare, and width availability that the originals had.

Comments: I  checked on Whisky Parts Co. to see if they've gotten a v2 0f their No. 9 12F and No. 9 24F Carbon bars and they do have those for the same prices. (Essentially the same handlebars as the Salsa branded ones) 

My favorites in flared drop bars, the Cowbell and Cowchipper Bars, are perhaps only eclipsed by the Whisky Parts Co, Spano Bar. It's fifty bucks more than a Salsa Cowbell/Cowchipper/Whisky 24F or 12F, but if you want more ergonomics and comfort, the Spano Bar is well worth that extra cash.

Image courtesy of Iowa Wind and Rock

Iowa Wind and Rock Announces 2024 Registration:

It's that time of year again. Registration Season! I feel compelled to feature the announcement that Iowa Wind and Rock is opening registration on November 1st, 2024. 

If you are new to the blog you may not know that this event is essentially an evolution/extension of the event I put on for fourteen years, Trans Iowa. That event being credited as the first of the "Modern Day" gravel events. (For a history of gravel timeline, see "Gravel History With Guitar Ted: The Eras"

From Iowa Wind and Rock's homepage you can read the following:

"For 14 years, TransIowa, one of the most difficult gravel races in the US, took place in Iowa at the end of April. It was difficult not only because of the terrain, but also due to notoriously fickle Iowa weather, and the challenges it required riders to overcome just to make it to the starting line. The end of TransIowa in 2018 meant that a unique chapter of gravel racing history closed. As Iowans, TransIowa finishers, and people who enjoy stretching personal boundaries, we didn’t want to see this unique opportunity for people to challenge themselves disappear. Iowa Wind and Rock is NOT, nor will it ever be TransIowa. However, we want to provide people a similar challenge – A free, 340ish mile, cue sheet navigated, late spring, Iowa event that allows entrants to challenge themselves, expand their boundaries, and allow them to see what they are capable of."

So, if you've come here and ever wondered if there would be another Trans Iowa event, well....There ya go. Do Iowa Wind and Rock. It's as close as you'll ever get now, and remember folks: These chances don't last forever! Get off yer duff if ya ever thought you might wanna do sumpthin like this and sign up. 

You only live once.

Gravel Worlds Registration Opening Soon:

As long as we're on the registration train, let's make a stop in Lincoln, Nebraska and take a look at Gravel Worlds

You can sign up for several distances or even run on gravel. if you want to, and that all starts on November 18th this year. The sign up, that is, NOT the events! 

They even have an ultra-distance, 300 miler called The Long Voyage, if that suits your fancy. Either way, you should check out this one if you haven't. Of course, if you want to find out more, check out the link above and listen to that podcast I mentioned at the top of the post today. 

Okay, that's a wrap for this week! get out and ride and thanks for reading Guitar Ted Productions!!

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