Monday, May 16, 2005

The Blahs and Such

Well, what can I say about this weather we're having? PLENTY! I'll try to spare you all, but it's hard NOT to talk about it. It really has had a bad effect on the bike business, bike riding, and my general mood lately. Ya' know, when I went to work on Saturday, and the wind I'm riding into causes me to work so hard that I think I'm gonna barf, and I'm only doin' 7mph! Man! That's depressing! Well, that and it's been like this for a month now. Hmm, let's see.....May 16th, and it was what.........37 degrees(!!!) this morning. Sheesh! Wanna bet that in a week it'll be 80 something and humid as all get out? ( I'll win, cause I'm taking the cold and wet line at 3 to 1 odds. It's Memorial Day weekend coming up- duh!)

Yeah, bikes! You know, those two wheeled contraptions that people ride? Well, at least they do when it's NICE out. 'Course, I don't blame 'em for not ridin' lately. However; it better be soon, or I think I may get my hours cut in May of all things! And it's not just our shop. There just isn't anybody interested in suffering through this cold, wet, and windy mess. Well, unless you race. Or are a freak like me that rides all year 'round. It's just that now with this rain, the high water is cutting into the places I like to ride. Now, by the time it dries up, the "jungle" will have taken over on the off road trails, not to mention the skeeters, and I'll be roadie bound till fall. Good thing I got a ride in Ullrich when I did!

I was thinking about all the training we do to our bodies, but who "trains" for trailside repairs? It's not a bad idea. Find out what it takes to fix that flat fast with the tire and wheel combo you've got. ( every one is different) Do you know how to use that fancy inflator, or air pump you got for Christmas? Find out NOW before you HAVE TO later! Nothing like being in an event, or heck, just out for a quick ride, and have it ruined because you don't know where your 5mm allen wrench is. Or if the tube in your bag is still good. Or how to adjust your disc brakes trailside. Whatever you need to take with you to fix a flat, or support your self with needs to be checked out, and you need to know how to use it. Training. It's all good!

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