Monday, May 30, 2005

Rant # II: The Bike Path

Yeah, yeah. Jeff had a linky to this acidic rant on Bike Path Riders the other day, so why write one of my own? Because I CAN, THAT'S WHY!!!

So, yeah, I'm checking out the Seargant Road trail. Turns out that I saw more riders in this 8 mile stretch than I ever have before. ( pre-paved days) It's going to be a good thing for cycling and the community. Trouble is, it's already developed some nasty trail "zits" just after the intersection with the westbound trail that branches off to Cedar Falls. This trail has been paved for like what? Three weeks?! Ouch! That's going to throw someone to the curb, and real soon!

Then, of course, there was the requisite helmetless rider(s). Not too surprised by that. Just that the tandem riders I saw had a captain that has already broken his wrist as a result of a cycling accident- THIS YEAR! Dude! What does it take to get through to some of these folks? Not only that, but his stoker, a young lady (his daughter?) was helmetless as well. Yeah, Daddy luvs ya, Babe!

So, I get off at Hudson where some ol' man is berating his teen-age son, rather harshly. That'll get him somewhere! Wow! Then, just after leaving town on the westbound blacktop, the same scene plays out again! What's up with that? Must be a little tense in the Hudson area today.

I did a one speed only ride today, for about 3.5 hours. I haven't got a clue which combo I picked, but I couldn't spin it any faster than 18mph. without doing the bouncy-bouncy. I rode my ol' Trek 420. Tried to concentrate on form, spinning, and climbing. Worked out well.

Once back to town, and more bike paths, I ran into more helmetless riders than I could count. And trail zits! Wow! That bad section going east on the Riverside trail, just after crossing Hackett is HEINOUS! Head injury anyone? It's going to happen, because the chance of any rider biffing on that section wearing a helmet is nil!

Well, this area has awesome trails, but the maintenance part is sorely lacking. Be careful out there, if you choose to ride the trail system. It's getting worse all the time.

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All3Sports said...

G-Ted The 63 trail is full of non helment wearing idiots now. And I get funny looks going full aero doing TT workouts up and down it.