Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rant # III Chain Lube & Supply and Demand

Sorry, no pics lately. I'll have more soon! Now on to The Rant!!

Okay, pet peeve #2 has gotta be chain lube, it's miss-uses, and "lube" that is NOT lube! I get to see a lot of peoples bicycles as a shop rat, and therefore I get to see how people take care of their drivetrains. (Or not, as the case is, most often) The number one thing that amazes me is how people use wax based chain "lubes". Well, that is if you think that something based on candles is lube. I do not buy into that train of thought, no sirree! What's more is, people almost NEVER use it correctly anyhow, so it really isn't lube then! It becomes the destroyer of drivetrain parts. Just exactly the opposite of what was intended. And all this talk about dry lubes being cleaner! Ha! Whatever! These "White Lightening" bikes are covered with so much gray pasty stuff, it's like a two bit whores face with too much make-up- WAY too much! Yeah, and even if you used the wax based stuff correctly, you'll end up with a noisey chain, and clunky sounding shifts. Nice!

One good thing about waxy crap lube is that it has a way volitile carrier. (Just ask Jeff!) It BURNS!!! Just think of the fun you could have! Lube up a "friends" drivetrain as a favor, then when he pulls away, flick a Blue Tip at 'em! Try it at night for a more dramatic effect!! ( NO! not really! Just kidding!- but that would be pretty cool!)

Supply and demand is all sorts of jacked up in the bicycle biz right about now. And be prepared for HIGHER prices on just about everything. We've seen some pricing for '06 already, and it's goin' up, baby! Just like a dress on prom night! So, if you can get what you want, now is the time to get it. It ain't gonna get any cheaper! If you wait, you may not even be able to get it! Well, at least until next year!

Ahhh, what the heck! You can always light up something with your wax based lube for kicks! At least you'd be doing me, a bunch of other mechanics, and some drivetrain parts a big, big favor!


Shakabuku said...

If I may continue the rant: What kills me is when these ass badgers come in with thier dirty/slimy drive trains. You suggest a drive train cleaning, and they just look at you like a deer in headlights. After you spend 10 minutes explaining that their chain, cranks, cassette, etc need to be cleaned and why, they always ask what type of lube we recommend. Then they say my favorite words, "Well my freind, who is a serious biker, says I should....blah blah blah blah." Well guess what, your friend comes here for everything, he does not know sh*t. What makes it all worth while is when they turn around and start to walk away, you notice the chain ring rookie mark on the back of there calf :) Priceless.

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