Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A "Rare" Species

A species previously thought to be extinct appears to still be alive. This specimen was spotted next to another extinct species' tool box!
Guitar Ted Productions
Today marked a momentous occaision down at Europa Cycle and Ski, as a species previously thought to be extinct appeared next to a toolbox that belonged to another extinct species known only as "Leans on Stick". This fine example of "Muddy Fox" appears to be none the worse for wear, and caused Jeff, the mechanic on duty, to say, "That shoo-wa izzz wun thweeet ride, dooode!". To which an astonished co-worker, Guitar Ted, replied, "Hey Buddy! U ain't jus-a-whizzlin' Dixie! Them wurdz iz gole-done!" Thoughts were that the mechanic duo may make up some "Muddy Fox" t-shirts to celebrate this most auspicious occaision!

1 comment:

Jeff Kerkove said...

Thweet Doode! I nweed mi a Mwuddy Fwox!