Friday, May 20, 2005

Sign of the Times?

Mr. 24 working on skis......IN MAY! Global climate change?
Guitar Ted Productions

This is soooo wrong! Some guy brings in seven pairs of skis in May, of all things, to be worked on! Well, I guess it "could" be worse. ( I am not sure quite how) This must be a sign. Cold weather, slow business at the shop, and now this. Ugggh!

Not only that, but Mr 24 himself was rather grouchy today, as well. Overtraining? Starch in his undies? Large colony of saddle sores take up residence in his nether regions? I dunno?! You be the judge! What will cheer up Mr Grumpypants? Ahhh! Too many questions!

Enjoy your weekend, ya'all! I'll be totin' garbage! More later!

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