Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm Bad. I'm Nationwide!

Let me get this straight: 29"ers are just a Mid Western thing? Yet we see how many new introductions and promised new models coming out from under the wraps? Either Mid Westerners are ditching their 26 inch bikes in droves or something else is going on. Hmm....... Could it be that the cyclist nationwide and in other countries, (Yes, that includes you Aussies!) are discovering the benifits of 29"ers and demanding more choice? Or, are the manufacturers driving this trend?

Let's see here.......We've got the Orbea "Alma" 29"er gearie, the Dean "Ace" full susser, the Salsa "El Mariachi" single speed, the Kona "Kula" hardtail, the GT "Peace" single speed, the Bianchi "Rita" single speed, the Raliegh single speed and another model to come, the Niner Bikes R.I.P.9 full suspension bike, the Haro Mary's, (geared and single speed), the Redline Monocog 29"er, the On One "Scandal" frame and carbon fork,the Intense Cycles "Spider" full suspension bike, and the Race Day Super Caliber by Fisher .

Yeah..............riiiigght! These bikes are all being introduced or being sold now because this is a Mid Western thing. Uh-huh. Yeah, that's it!

With appologies to ZZ Top, 29"ers are bad! They're nationwide!

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