Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bonus Post and Introductions

A little introduction or two is in order here. I decided to sit down today and to rearrange a few of the links and to add a few things. So, without further verbiage, here is what's up:

Happy Mutant Multisport: Here's a new forum site that is based out of the mid-west right now, but plans are to go nationwide at some point. ( I think!) Anyway, if you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, canoe dude, kayaker, duathelete, triathelete, enduro-freak-job, or otherwise, this place is a clearing house of info and support that is just getting off the ground now. Feel free to check it out anytime from my linkage, or go for it now.

Ridemonkey: Another cycling based forum community that might be a tad less hair trigger and more laid back than At least that's been my experience on their 29"er forum. Check that out for a change of pace.

Crooked Cog Podcast: If you know The Blue Collar Mountain Bike site, or Twenty Nine Inches, then you know Tim Grahl. He is the web master mind behind the Crooked Cog Podcast, which is into it's fourth episode now and has featured Marla Streb, Nick Sandy of Surly Bikes, and Mr. 24 himself. I'll clue ya'all in when new episodes are available, but the link will be over there when ya need it.

Niner Bikes: In the "I shoulda done this ages ago" category is Niner Bikes, who are a 29"er only manufacturer of bikes. Check out the big wheeled goodness from these committed guys.

On One Cycles: Again, too long for these guys not to be linked here. Check out the outside of the box thinking behind some of the coolest handle bars around, and oh yeah! They've got a pretty decent 29"er or two, as well!

Twin Six Cycling Apparel: These guys from Minneapolis, Minnesota have got it going on with the jerseys and cycling related t-shirts, and other goodness. That's not all, but ya'all will have to wait to see what these innovative cycling nuts have up their sleeves till Interbike. Don't worry, it'll get reported on here too, so you won't miss it. In the meantime, check out this up and coming company!

Dave Nice: aka "Cellar Rat" aka "Slower Than Snot": Dave was the guy, you might remember, that got his rig stolen on the GDR this past summer. Anyway, he is a Trans Iowa veteran, a fixie off roader, and a whiskey distiller,and all around great guy, so he's on board in the linkage for you to check out his blog.

Okay, that's all new stuff in the linkage area, so keep that in mind when you visit here. I also rearranged a few things, so it might look like all the links are new, but they are not. Just jumbled up in a new way to freshen things up a bit. I really like all these companies and bloggers, so I guess you could say that I endorse them, but then again, what's that worth? I'm just going to say that I like them and they are great companies and bloggers in my opinion. If you feel the same, then support 'em! If not, that's okay too. Just my opinion, you gotta make up yer own mind.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that Chris King is making the pink ano components available year round, instead of just a few months. The breast cancer support is still there, so that's all good. I own a pink headset, and I support what they are doing. Maybe since I rode with Matt Wills on the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational I have a curious desire for a pink single speed disc Chris King rear hub. Hmm............could that be it?

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all you U.S. citizens out there. To everyone: Go ride yer bike!

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