Monday, September 25, 2006

Jettin' Outta Here!

Thanks to Tim Grahl of The Crooked Cog Network and Twenty Nine Inches, I'm jettin' outta here very early, so this is the last post from the Guitar Ted Labratories for awhile. When you fly on someone elses dime, you fly on their time. So, with that bit-o-wisdom in mind, I've got to get up at 3:00am. and drive an hour to the airport to get checked in and leave by 6:30am. Connecting in Atlanta now instead of Cincinatti. Maybe I'll meet a NASCAR fan.(?) ( That's for you Carlos!) Then straight outta Hotlanta to Vegas. Should get on the ground before 4:00pm. their time. Still too late for the Outdoor Demo, but hey! I'll have plenty of time to settle in and get some rest before pounding out the miles on the hard carpet of the Sands Convention Center.

So, with that said- I'm hittin' the hay for a short night and then a day of travel. Maybe I can post when I get there, we'll see! Don't get yer hopes up, just tune into the Twenty Nine Inches site or any of the Crooked Cog Network sites for killer Interbike coverage. See ya later!

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