Saturday, September 23, 2006

Going To The Show: Prep Time 2

Not a very long post today. Getting stuff together now to pack for the trip out to Vegas. Mr.24 says to just pack up my stuff in a messenger bag. Pack light, go easy! I think I'll take that advice! No luggage to worry about.

The days of the show are starting to fill with meetings, but there is still plenty of time left over to dig around for any 29"er news bits. Some interesting things are in the works on several fronts, so I can't wait to share all of that with you out there.

Still time for requests from the band stand. If there are anythings you want checked out, just leave a comment in the appropriate place. I've had all the "look for anything in steel", and "look for anything in full suspension" already, so don't bother with that unless you want to be more specific.

That's it for now. Busy weekend, one more day of work, and then it's fly time!


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