Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is It Over Already?

Looking up at the calendar I could hardly believe that we are almost in the middle of September already. Yeah, yeah..........time flys and all of that. I'm just wasn't even a month ago that I did the 150 mile Death Ride, but it seems like a year ago already. Weird!

I was also wondering, how many of you are winding down now? I know some are gearing up for "season #2". I don't have one of those skinny, knobby tired, drop barred, "run wid it" bikes, so I'm out of luck there. I also know that some of you have really left alot of your self out there already this year and are getting a little grumpy. Is it time to back off and wind it down for the year?

There are still some events that are pretty cool out there to do yet, so it's not like there is a lack for that. Also, gas prices seem to be coming down lately, so that's also an incentive.

For me it seems like the switch to fall like weather has come a bit earlier this year and that finds me taken back a bit. I have noticed in the last few years that once it got like this, (later in October) the riding season was about over, so mentally I am already wanting to shut down. must........resist.........can't stop yet! I think I'd still like to pile on some more mileage yet this year. Maybe in the four digit territory yet, but who's counting? (I ain't got nuttin' on sum o yoose!)

At least there are some test rides to be doing. I have to thoroughly wring out the Raleigh XXIX yet too, so I can bring you all a test ride report. I did get the Salsa seat post on it and have dialed it in, fit-wise, so it's ready to go. Now to find some time for all of that............
Bust out the jackets and get to ridin'! That's what I have to do. Well, that and Interbike.......

I guess I'll be busy, how about you?

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