Friday, September 08, 2006

Going To The Show

This years Interbike show in "Lost Wages", Nevada is going to be a great time for 29"er news, as I've said before. The best part about that? I'll be there! Well, at least it's shaping up that way. Anything could happen between now and a couple of weeks or so from now, but I am scheduled to be there. The whole trip is to be focused on 29"er stuff.

I wasn't sure that I'd be able to get there, but things have worked out and I will be working for Twenty Nine Inches by bringing you all of the 29"er news and product info that I can ferret out at Interbike this year.

I think my long distance endurance training might come in handy at this venue. I know it will be long days, lots and lots of walking, dissecting and posting info, meetings till the wee hours, and little to no sleep. Some of you may be thinking that I'm being a little over dramatic about this, but believe me, if you've ever been to Interbike to work, it's not easy. I know it'll be fun to be around all the bikes, products, information, and people, but I also am ready to work my tail off. Make no mistake.

At any rate, I'll have a "Getting Ready For The Show" post or two in the coming weeks to share with you all about the inner organization behind a reporters trip to "The Big Bike Show". It should be fun and informative. I may have availability to post here from the show, so I will continue with some during show, and after show views on what it's like to do this gig, so you all can live vicariously through me! ( and that's not code for anything, by the way) The really juicy 29"er stuff will all be posted to Twenty Nine Inches, so be sure to check that out.

The overall show coverage will be up again on Blue Collar Mountain Bike , with even more photo coverage than last year. ( Just how they do that, I will have to see to believe. Last years coverage was amazing!) Then on top of all of that is going to be several podcasts on
The Crooked Cog Network, which is the realm of Tim Grahl and his magic microphone.

I'm excited to be a small part of all of the planned goings on at Interbike and I am looking forward to bringing all of you an insiders view of what it's really like to get down and dirty in Las Vegas with a bunch of bike geeks. Stay tuned!

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