Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Late Edition

Well, well.....whattya know! Mr 24 pimped me on some 29"er news! It looks like Twin Six and Walt Works have decided to get their collaboration out from under the box and out into the light of day! As you might know from visiting here, Twin Six is a great cycling apparel company with a cool sense of graphic design. In fact, if you check out the link, you can see their '07 line up, which I'm really stoked on. Then you have Walt Works, which is a name that us "old timer" 29"er guys recognize as a frame and fork builder that does a bang up job on custom designed steel, tig welded 29"ers. In fact, he was the first sponsor of the 29"er forum on that I can remember.

These two cool companies put their heads together on a project to bring a "custom stock" production 29"er to market in early 2007. The frame and fork will obviously be produced by Walt Works and the paint, graphics, and parts spec will all be Twin Six's special deal. I know a little about the details, but I promised not to tell.......yet! Let's just say that this will be a killer looking, nicely spec'ed 29"er. It certainly won't be mistaken for an entry level rig! Okay, nuff said on that fer now.

Then we have Mr. 24 himself, who looks like he is on the market himself! Check it out folks. Graphic design skills that are sick and a nice guy to boot. Anybody got any love out there? Let him know!

And then there is this 29"er Mr. 24 cracking? Will he be on a 29"er soon? Is he going to Disneyland?

Stay tuned!

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