Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday News and Views

Bontrager Switch Blade Race X Lite: The fork is mounted to my Inbred 29"er. The install went without drama. One nit: You engineer and design a fork to be disc specific, so why are there no hose/cable guides on the fork? Zip ties are definitely reliable and work, but why not add some guides? This is inexcusable on the part of Bontrager. Other than that, no drama! Initial impressions to come. Stay tuned!

Ellsworth to Inntroduce a 29"er FS at Interbike: I am not privy to the Tony Ellsworth Hate Club, so I'm not going to comment on this other than to say it's one more choice and I'll get the lowdown at Interbike while I'm there.

Brake Therapy to be showing a prototype 29"er fork?: Interbike is going to be nutso with 29"er stuff. Here's another thing to check out. A 29 inch compatible single crown fork with five inches of travel at five pounds, or there abouts. Should be an interesting fork if it materializes.

A View On Geometry: I've been paying attention to the geometry of 29"ers lately and besides the top tube dust up recently, there are some other views on geometry that I want to expouse on. Look for that soon!

A View On Long Gravel Rides: What's up with all the gravel/ backroads rides popping up lately? I thought Mr. 24 and I were the only goofballs into that sort of thing. It's not single track. It's not "extreme". Heck, it's not even technical in any sense of that word as it relates to mountain biking. Or shall we call it All Terrain Riding? Now that would be old skool! I am going to have the ultimate gravel grinder bike built by another gravel riding fan so look for some posts on that subject soon! In the meantime; what would your "ultimate gravel grinder" look like? That is, if you are into such a thing.

That's it for today! Need some "black goodness"! Late!

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