Friday, December 12, 2008

Fat Bike Envy: Part II

<==== Bustin' through the crust.

So I continued to have "fat bike envy" yesterday. When I realized that was happening I thought I'd stop, take a couple of photos, and show you why.

This shot is about a 100 yard long stretch of open, grassy field in the summer months. Now it is a huge obstacle. To get around this, I would have to ride well over a mile out of my way. (Maybe I should!) The thing is, the other, longer route is icy as all get out right now.

Time is also a factor. It takes me long enough to get to work now that I am perennially 10-15 minutes late daily. Going around this isn't really an option!

<==== More snow to come!

This is the view looking forward from the same spot. Go down an embankment, take a right at the bottom where you see that white line going across the photo. (That's the bike path) Then there is at least 150 yards of snow bound bike path and ice to traverse before it dumps me out on a dead end street.

So, I need a fat bike for 350 yards of trail? Whoa! Hold on folks, there's more. Once I get to the intersection of University and Green Hill, which is an overpass/exit-on ramp type intersection, I have another 200 yards or so of snow covered grass much like the photo at the top of the post here to get across. In between, there is the "water tower hill" which features sidewalk that is marginally cleared, (or not at all), of snow which can be another two city blocks of either snow or glare ice. Yesterday it was all ice. I made it, but it was super sketch!

The thing is, normally situations like this on my route last but a few weeks out of every winter. Last winter was an exception, obviously. So to get a fat bike for just this: to get to work for maybe three weeks out of the year? Meh!

That's hard to justify for me.

In other goings on....... The Rainier bike build is going to happen soon. I have a wheel set lined up to get by on for a time while I build up another. I have a crank set lined up that should work out great. I am putting in an order for a stem and seat post. I have some tires, that if they clear, should work great. I have a handle bar and a saddle.

Today I need to get a brake set coming, and I need to figure out brake levers for it. Stay tuned! A build will be happening soon! (Not that I'll be able to ride it anywhere. )

A storm is set to come through here this weekend, probably Saturday night and Sunday. The thing is, it will be all rain with temps above freezing. Then immediately afterwards it is supposed to get really cold.


Looking forward to running around on sheets of ice for the near future. Blech!

Have a great weekend and ride a bike if you can!

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