Saturday, December 13, 2008

Turning The Page

It's December, and it is that part of December that just flys by quickly for me. Two birthdays in the family next week, Christmas celebrations, family getting together, and then it is New Years day with a wedding anniversary right on the heels of that day. So for me, the "regular season", if you will, is already over. And now I have something new on my plate to consider going into the new year. Where will that road take me? What is over that big hill? I don't know yet, but I'm still pedaling towards it.

Looking back, it was a year of change anyway. More time on the web side, less time on the shop side, but still busy-busy. I am very thankful though. I got to be outside a lot this year. I got in a lot of great rides. Decorah, Cedar Bend, The Camp, and Hickory Hills. A few trips to Minneapolis. New friends, connecting with old friends. The change was a good one both personally and professionally.

Now it looks as though things could change again for 2009. I can't say what that entails yet, because a trigger hasn't been pulled yet. If the change comes though, you can expect to see it out there. This would be huge.
With that I leave you with this final black and white image I took on one of the last nice days of riding in 2009. I was with my good friend Captain Bob, riding at The Camp, and enjoying all of that. It is a memory, and to me, memories are sort of a "black and white" world. The past is unchangeable. Black and white. The future is in color, but I just don't know what colors those will be yet.
Stay tuned!

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