Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cycling Is Poised To Thrive In These Tough Times

Out of the tons of things I am grateful for, one of them is that I work in the cycling industry. Have you seen the news lately on some of the companies that are cycling related or full on in cycling? It's amazing to say the least.

Just this morning I read that Giant is poised to give its Taiwan based employees a year end bonus equal to 23 months salary! Dude! That sounds like a nice little bonus deal to me!

Then you have Dorel Industries, which owns Cannondale Sports Group, a sub-division that encompasses Cannondale, Schwinn, GT Bikes, and Mongoose. They aren't scaling back, oh no! They actually added six executive positions to monitor a cycling division that they see growing- not shrinking- in sales to become what they hope to be, the #1 cycling company in North America.

I also know of several other smaller companies that are adding on. Heck, Salsa Cycles just posted on their blog recently that they are looking to add on an engineer position. Even the shop I work at is experiencing a potential record year after a record year last year.

Doesn't sound like your typical economic news now, does it? And what's more, experts and industry folk expect the cycling economy to hold its own, and maybe even grow, throughout 2009. Amazing when you look around at the rest of the daily news these days.

Like I said, I am really glad I work in the cycling industry! Besides.....I like to ride bikes! So, why wouldn't I like it!

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