Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fat Bike Envy

Sometimes, (Like about every year about this time) I wish I had a "fat bike". You of those Endomorph treaded, monster truck looking snow rigs. It's just that they are sooo expensive and I need one like maybe three weeks out of every year. It's hard to justify it. But when you need one, nothing else comes close!

<=====Girthy 29"er rim. The "Uma" 50mm wide rim from Speedway Cycles in Alsaska.

I could get close with a 29"er. I am thinking I need to pull the Gordo rimmed wheel set into duty on a single speed bike again. Those Racing Ralphs and WeirWolf LT's are really fat on those rims and would make the job easier. Or I could get Kris Holm rims at 38mm wide. Or........go all out with the "Uma" shown here. But I don't know. I still think I can get by with the Gordos. We'll see.

It's just that I know the Fat Bike would be sooo much more fun. Ya know, it would kind of be like owning my own two wheeled monster truck. How could that not be fun?!

This guy has one to ride in his shop, and I know I could run over there and get my jones on for awhile, but that ain't gonna cut it when I'm swerving and curving on my 29"er with tubeless tires through the pedestrian post holed snow. The ol' Fargo and Karate Monkey have failed to appease me so far. Maybe the Gordos with the big ballooners on will satisfy my urges. I will find out soon. Or not.......the snow may melt by then.

If the snow melts, then my fat bike envy fades and everything is forgotten. Forgotten until I find myself wrestling through another snow field on my way to work after a storm goes through this winter.

Ahh me! I guess I could take the longer way on pavement to work.

Nah! Ain't gonna happen!

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