Monday, December 29, 2008

Guitar Ted's Rear View Of '08

Okay folks.....the end of this month rolled up fast! I was going to do month long "thank you" to several companies and folks out there and only got two posts up. So I'm reviving an old Guitar Ted Productions ploy with these "rear view" posts. I'll get my thanks in one way or the other.
I'm going to cover the first four months of '08 here, and then the next four on Wednesday, with the final four months on New Years Day. Mmmkay?
January: Wow! Mostly forgetable with the exception of my finally finishing up the Badger. I got the Blackbuck in as well, so I guess it wasn't all bad! Basically, illnesses and bad weather marked the month.
February: Things still fairly sucked weather-wise. I got out a few times on various machines. The Badger, the OS Bikes Blackbuck, the fixed Karate Monkey, and the ol' Dos Niner. Still, it was all on snow and ice which got fairly old really fast! Some Trans Iowa news was generated when d.p. and I made a short recon in -10 degree temps. Frostbike in Minneapolis was to be a highlight, that is until I managed to get my good friend Jason's Honda Element towed which cost him almost 300 bucks! I hid my head in shame in the basement bicycle mortuary of One on One Studio until Jason escorted me outta there. Then, signs that the winter's icy grip was letting go....
March: Snow melts, then.....Spring Break! Yippee! The big trip to El Paso Texas was a welcome relief from a brutal winter. When I got back, things started picking up with Twenty Nine Inches. I had several test items in the hopper, not to mention Trans Iowa and The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. Recon of the entire T.I.V4 course finally happened at the end of the month.
April: Of course, it was all Sea Otter and Trans Iowa. A brutal month that was only made different and much better by the ride I got in with MG early on in the month. What a brutal day of slop and wind, but it felt like summer to us here after that crazy winter of '07/'08. Notable: I froze up a Onza Tensile freewheel never to be revived from that ride!
People: Gotta send a shout out of thanks to the following people and groups for their friendship, support, and good times: Matt Gersib, Jason Boucher, The Salsa Crew, The Surly Crew, Tim Grahl, Arleigh Jenkins, and last but not least, David Pals. Awesome folks. I wish you all the best in 2009!

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