Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thanks For The Flavor: Salsa Cycles

In an ongoing end-of-the-year thank you post-a-thon, I now move on to another of those companies that has gone waaaaay beyond the expectations of this hack scriber. They have shown support and a willingness to work with me that I am greatly humbled by.

Salsa Cycles are one of the "pioneers" of mass produced 29"ers, jumping in on the big wheeled train a few years back when it was still considered a passing fad. Salsa not only helped legitimize the 29"er, it made a big impact right out of the gate with the Dos Niner. That soft tail bike became a 29"er classic, and it still graces the line of the 2009 line up of Salsa's great 29"er bikes.

I know most of "The Crew" and have ridden and hung out with them several times now. I am humbled by their professional confidence in me and Twenty Nine Inches. I am also greatly humbled by the personal friendships that have developed from this as well.
So to Salsa Cycles and the folks behind the brand, a huge thanks and I look forward to 2009 and beyond.
That's one of the coolest things about this company, in my opinion. They never rest on their past accomplishments. They continue to improve upon past products, (Dos Niner) and at the same time they seem to be able to find new ways to improve upon the big wheeled platform. (Big Mama, Fargo) So, when I say that I look forward to the future, I ain't kidding. It should be one cool ride, that's for sure!

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