Monday, May 04, 2009

Trans Iowa V5: Post Race

<===Joe Meiser hoists the trophy after his impressive win at T.I.V5

Well, it is done now. T.I.V.5 is in the books and done with. In a word, the event was fantastic. David Pals and I are just pleased beyond words with how things went this year. It was how you would want an event to go if you could have your wishes. Just unbelievable really.

I am still decompressing from it all. I can't quite put the event into perspective just yet. There will be a recap coming in which I will detail out all the highlights of T.I.V5. That will most likely be starting Wednesday. Until that time, here are some brief post event thoughts from my sleep deprived brain..............

First, a HUGE thanks to David Pals and the volunteers, without whom this event would go from suck to blow! No, seriously. You guys are sooooo appreciated! Words can not express.

-Joe Meiser: You are awesome dude. What a motor.

-Dave Praman: Man! Hearing your comment at the finish line was unbelievable. You were amazing, and the ride you put in was epic.

-Tim Ek: Again, you made a huge effort, and it payed off! "Never stop-Never quit" Indeed!

-To Charlie Farrow: Dude! Your race alone would make Trans Iowa super special this year. I hope you take the time to detail out for all to see how perseverance looks.

-To Ben Shockey: Fixed! You are a hammer!

-To Paul Jacobsen: Don't shrug it off as "just people talkin'" You really deserve all of what folks were saying, and will say about your ride.

-To all the finishers. My hearty congratulations.

-To everyone that toed the line: Respect!

-Thanks for all the kind words and gifts everyone. They are appreciated more than you all know.

Stay tuned for more pics and words on T.I.V5 soon...........

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