Friday, May 01, 2009

One More Before I Go, Please.

I wasn't going to post, and then I thought I'd squeeze in one non-T.I. related post. But who am I kidding? I go!

On the eve of kicking off the fifth one, I have many mixed thoughts. In no particular order....

This is where I think I'm stupid, crazy, and totally loony for doing this. I know what I'm looking at: Friday- running around picking up some last minute supplies, heading out to look at a few roads, meeting up with some of the crew and prepping for the pre-race. Do pre-race, head back for a few fitful hours of sleep, (and I do mean a few- if any) and then it's time to run T.I.V5. I figure it'll be in the neighborhood of 30 plus hours of being awake with maybe a few hours of sleep, then back at it until I get home Sunday night. Worst case scenario- no sleep for 40 plus hours.

Crazy? Do you need to even ask?

How much longer? I figure the someday I will stop doing this gig is closer than the day I started. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't really think so.....right now!

The roster shrinkage is interesting this year. Funny how the vast majority of folks left are former T.I. vets. Does that say anything? Dunno myself, just sayin' that's what I see.

Weather: Boy.....could it be much better? If the roads weren't muddy in spots, this would be on par with T.I.V3. But I don't think the roads will be quite the same as those were.....

People: Once again, the people that are involved are amazing. Honestly, it is the reward I get for doing all the work and preparations. Example: I got a phone call at work Thursday morning. The caller is in this years T.I. He says, "I just wanted to call now and tell you thanks. This is going to be awesome!..." That's gold right there. And I know a lot more of you will say similar things. I am humbled......

I can't wait to get to the other side of this. Really, I don't care for all the hullabaloo that comes with the position I find myself in. Maybe this will explain. My favorite T.I. memories are always from the middle of Saturday night/Sunday morning. When it is all quiet and peaceful. When the stars twinkle, and I am alone with my thoughts. There's something really cool about being "up all night" that I have relished since childhood. Trans Iowa is a great excuse for me being up all night now. A much better one than I had back in my 20's, that's for sure!

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this coming Trans Iowa. I hope that the stories are epic, and no one gets seriously hurt. I hope everyone makes it back home safely and has a great story to tell for years to come.

And if you can't be here, ride your bike. Ride it and have a blast doing it.

See ya on the other side!

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