Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Links

If you have time between bicycle rides this weekend, here is some recovery time linkage to check out.

Captain Bob's Review Gets Props: Captain Bob decided that the writing gig wasn't for him and let me know recently he wanted to bow out. I asked if he could do one last piece on the Misfit Psycles diSSent. So he did it and you can check that out here. Then the Emperor of All Misfit Bicycle Toys declared from his Digital Scroll that Captain Bob "nailed it" when describing the Misfit as being a ferrous impersonator. Now The Emperor has another Misfit that is supposedly a beer can impersonator in steel clothing. Maybe we could write about that one for The Empire too. We'll see.........

Anyway, Captain Bob went out on top, that's for sure!

Trans Iowa Gets Compared To "Real Races": Trans Iowa isn't usually compared to anything resembling a "real race" since it is ............well, Trans Iowa! That said, we were accused of putting on a "real-ish" event this year since we had actual number plates and had folks sign a waiver. But still, we can't really be considered a "real race" since, well.......the guy that runs it is called Guitar Ted. That and we don't charge the requisite exorbitant race fee that guarantees us stature as an "Event" that gets on website race calendars and therefore we don't attract folks that have matching bikes and race kits. So could we be considered a "real race"? (I'm okay with that, by the way. In fact- I prefer it this way!)

That said, we got compared to "real" ultra-endurance events on George Vargas' website recently. George rated Trans Iowa on his own personal "toughness scale" (scroll down the page a bit) Pretty interesting number crunching here that shows Trans Iowa to be a tough nut to crack. But then you could probably ask any of the 158 individuals who have ever toed the line at a Trans Iowa and gotten similar responses. (Sans the numbers and science)

Anyway, I am humbled and I thank George for all of the attention he has lavished on this event. In fact, the outpouring of reports and the words contained within have been really appreciated this year. Thank you! (Perhaps things won't be quite so "sunny and warm" next year, if ya catch my drift!)

So, that should keep you occupied for a bit while you catch your breath before you hit the road or trail again this weekend. Stay safe and have a great ride!

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