Monday, August 19, 2013

That Annual Slimy Feeling

The Strip
Well, I did it again last evening. I booked everything to make the annual trek to Interbike. Gah.....why do I already feel slimed? 

I know people that think Vegas is awesome. Good for you, not so good for me. I am not a gambler, for one thing, and glitz and glamor are definitely not me. Not at all. I'm more like a simple man, really.

Anyhow, the deed is done, and back I go again in mid-September. There has been a change in venue there though, so I won't have to see as much of the Strip as we used to. Now we're to congregate at the Mandalay. That's not far from McCarran International either, so when I walk to the airport after all this is done, I won't have near as far to go!

So, there are a few silver linings in that stinking cloud, and added to that, I get to see many friends and acquaintances that  I only get to see once a year, usually. Plus maybe I'll make a few more friends. Hope so.

What do I think will be the "big deal" this year? Well, I bet something having to do with fat bikes, for sure, will be one of those things. Suspension forks, yes, and maybe something else as well. Maybe a 29+ thing.

Enjoying the best part
27.5"ers will be a big thing too. All the "enduro bikes", (read: this decades "free ride bike"), will be a rage. To me it is just another redressing of long travel, lift assisted bikes that have been around since the 90's. So, the wheels are incrementally a bit bigger. And.......?

Same-ol', same ol'. Just a new marketing plan and a ready made event system to go play with these things. I'm not saying it isn't cool, I am saying it has been cool for years. In other words, there is nothing really new here. Not really.

Then there will be the odd bikes. The "gravel bikes", and some other oddities that a lot of folks won't get, nor want to understand, but these are some of the most interesting bikes at any given Interbike. Things that make sense or really are innovative, or as in most cases, so bizarre that you can't believe they exist at all.

Eurobike will crank up first, we'll all see what is new from that show, and Interbike? Maybe it will be another yawner like last year in terms of "wow factor", or maybe this will be the rare show that will have something really news worthy. Stay tuned.....

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Rob said...

Wait, I thought enduro bikes were the new "all mountain" bikes? I get so confused....:)