Monday, February 10, 2014

Because This Cold Can't Last Forever

Wrenching for the future......
Uh-huh.......back to the deep freeze at least once more. The temperature of this air mass does not agree with me! That said, it seems that a change is in the air. I am seeing double digit numbers projected for high temperatures coming soon. temperatures above freezing! This will mean that things will get real messy real quick.

This calls for one thing- FENDERS! I spent Sunday doing some fitting of fenders on three different bicycles. Two are good to go, and one needs a few oddments to get the fenders to work. I think I may be able to find the bits and peices I need at work in my stash. We'll see.

The hope is that some of these bikes will get commuter duty and maybe some sloppy gravel action soon. I have a set of 32mm MSO's that need to get thrashed on, and I also need to finish up my impressions on the Surly Knard 41's. Mostly I need to do some gravel road action when it isn't hovering around zero with some double digit wind chills. I may also need a new pair of fenders because the ones for the "Orange Crush" are getting long in the tooth and showing their age a bit. We'll see if they fail or not. For now, I think they will do.

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